Gee's Wine Shop


This site is to be used strictly by customers over the age of 18. Identification will be required by the delivery person. The delivery person has the right not to hand over the products if they are not satisfied that the customer is over 18. If this situation arises a full refund will be given less the delivery charge.
Deliveries will be dispatched to addresses within a 5-mile radius of Gee's Wine Shop. Orders will only be dispatched during licensed trading hours as stated by Northern Ireland law. The delivery person will only deliver to the address stated on the order. A receipt will be included in your delivery. If, for any reason, the delivery person cannot deliver to the stated address the goods will be returned to the store and you will have to telephone to re-organise delivery, please note that a further delivery charge will be incurred.
We reserve the right to change to change or add additional information to the Terms and Conditions at any time.